Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Paint for me.

If I gave you a paint brush and asked you to replicate us, how would you do it?

Would you be very abstract and let the paint brush guide you because you never made plans for us. You simply let us be.

Would you do hard strokes for the times I'd let you down or possibly angered you? Would you paint softly when remembering times I'd made you laugh or told you how proud I was?

Could you explain the picture to me if I asked or would it make perfect sense to me?

A mirror wouldn't cut it because I don't want to see us as an identical reflection. I want to see us how you see us.

Would you show me?
Love Nat x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ms James-Ferguson

Hello there...

I am a firm believer that everyone should play their role.
So play yours or fuck off.
Whatever that role may be - father, friend or lover. Simple.
If you struggle then let me know, we can discuss alternatives - Maybe.

With Love
Nat x

What I'm currently listening to... Love it!