Tuesday, 26 May 2009


'give me some head that'll really piss her off'

After speaking to Chantae. This was the definitive sentance of the convo! Lmao

Someone's forward!! haha


Good evening/night...
So here I am, sitting in my mum's front room. Glass of Pimms & lemonade, just finished Nandos, watching I think I love my wife.

Sometimes we ask questions we don't really want to know the answer to. So why do it?
It is that we actually feel we need to know? Pride? or that curiosity will flip us over and land a hard kick to our backs if we don't? Who knows..

I spoke to my girl Nat earlier and decided NOTHING is more powerful than a woman's intuition. Not a single thing in this world.
Usually when a woman decides something, she is right. She'll either turn detective on you and go deep with the MI5 ishh or she'll get up and leave.
How she reacts determines his next action. Hence the power held by the intuition of women.

For the women who notice something but stay Tamia knows exactly where you're coming from and men; when she stops crying, stops arguing. She has well & truly given up.

Love Nat x

Friday, 22 May 2009


Friday afternoon, I'm resting up before work tonight. Some mad event at Scala lmao!!
Okay rant for now...
I have had just about enough of guys who think its fucking acceptable to talk to ex's, in a manner that is more than friendly. NO. It's not cool, no bloody way. Talking friendly is cool, anything that crosses the line is a violation.
'She's still phoning you, I see txts there too. For all I know you two could be sexing too'
In the wonderfully wicked world of Natz. That stuff is unacceptable. Blah, blah, blah...

Think what you like,
Love Nat x

Friday, 15 May 2009


It's weird how one person can make you feel so insecure about yourself. How one person has the control to do such a thing. What a mad world...
I am in desperate need of a holiday. Deeper need than ever before. I have been dillusional about the past 8/9 months of my life. That's mad. Some deeper emotional isshhh.
I need a hug, Nick where are you??

You can't force someone to love you, either they do or they don't. Just because you love someone doesn't mean they'll love you back. You, however, need to have limits. You can't take whatever someone will throw at you in the name of love. The word love is abused by the world. If someone makes you feel like shit, like the world is crumbling around you or like you are not worth half of what you are - they don't love you. Don't believe if they say they do, they did or they will. They won't.

'Love is patient, love isn't always kind. Love will make you smile, cry and wonder; it'll never be perfect but perfection isn't reality. Love is not settling because what you have is all you have ever wanted, it fulfills all your wants and needs. It's a smile when you're down, a shoulder to cry and someone to share yourself with'

Off to bed now,
I'll face the world tomorrow.
Love Nat x

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Melanie Fiona...

She is actually AMAZING...
I youtube'd her & found this...
Ladies I know you can relate!!!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Ms James...

I will inspire. I want to inflict & enforce change - a positive change. This is why I need to teach. If as a teacher, I cannot inspire. I am failing in my role & failing society.

I am not selling you a dream. I'm stating my future.
Those who doubt, truly will see.

Nat x

Friday, 8 May 2009

A sexier side of me!!

Hey gorgeous's!!

Well love didn't work out well for me!! Lol. Maybe next time! Who knows?

What do you do when love's lost? Throw out all but your favourite underwear & invest in La Senza!!
Book a holiday... Dubai July 09!! Woooiiiii & invest in something that will make you happy! Mini... Soon come!!!
Oh & get a new look... Brown filled with Blonde higlights baby!!! So far the response is good!!
Oh by the way... I'm done with the Ms Independent stuff. My next Mr can treat me like a princess!! Lucky him... haha

Off out for a night of cocktail fuelled fun!!
Will update later
Nat x