Thursday, 26 February 2009

Uneducated, Unemployed & Living for free

I sit here listening to Keyshia Cole - A different me. Its great. Buy it, download it... whatever! Get hold of it!! After a long-ish day at college, I have a few spare hours before work. I use the term spare loosely; it simply means I can squeeze an hour of revision in and actually have time to eat! Lol

A reoccurring issue for me is scroungers. My pay slip came through the post today. I got taxed over £200 PISSED!! So I go to work and put the work in whilst certain people live off of this tax, some even go raving with MY TAXES... Needless to say I'm far from happy about this. The government need to stop attempting to redistribute money and stop handing it out so freely.

The WORST ones are the young babymothers. KMT
Uneducated, unemployed and raving every weekend as well as every Tuesday & Thursday.
It's weird, about 75% of these under 21 year old babymothers are single.
Sorry. Nobody made you get pregnant did they? NO
You can find someone to watch the baby for you to rave, why not get someone to watch them so you can work. KMT.
Oh, how controversial Nat... Quite frankly I don't care. Really... Yes really
Oh and the next time you wish to talk about 'people like me' remember that people like me pay for your house, that drink you're buying in faces and those heels on your feet.

My views may shock people who know me. Particularly since I come from a lone-parent family, am a passionate sociologist and come from a 'young' mother.
My mum had me at 20. She finished her degree in biomedical sciences and has ALWAYS worked. Do NOT attempt to tell me it can't be done. You're just lazy.

I wish I could apologise for offending anyone, but I can't.
If you are offended by this, there is something inside you that tells you, you relate to this.
In which case, my views are put forth to you. It saddens me to know you believe you are owed something and will happily rave on my taxes.
I have controversial views, you will not all agree. I'm not asking you to. I don't particularly care if you don't.

N.B. Child benefit is meant for the child, although you may not be far from a child yourself, it isn't meant for those little extras you believe you deserve.

Nat x

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The penultimate one...

Penultimate: one before final.

So therefore, a penultimate relationship is the ex.
Are ex's ever really left in the dark?
Or are they reminders of what we once had?
Do they simply act as comparison charts for what we now have?
Is it best to leave them in the dark?

Ex's can often complicate new relationships, trigger insecurities in your new partner or they can also act as amazing friends. Who knows you better than a person you spent years with?
If you once loved someone, do those feelings simply fade into a meaningless past, or are they put to the side until you find someone new to love?
To hate someone, you must have loved them at one point. Someone you have never loved does not have the power to trigger hate in a person.

'I love you' Arguably the most powerful words in English language.
I hate you: certainly the most hurtful.
Why is it that the line between love and hate is so fine.
Both strong emotions, deeply personal etc.

What is love?
Its different, it changes, it holds no barriers, is forgiving, knows of no wrong, is patient, is kind etc...
Basically love is putting yourself at the mercy of another, to make yourself vulnerable to another being who could crush you as if you were a small ant, and they the boot of an army commander.
So what's so great about it?
Its easy to get into (per se) and harder to overcome than a drug addiction.
Not much. It can be short lived then you aren't smiling are you?


Cold turkey is over. I'm back on facebook. I know you missed me!! I lasted 2.5 days lol

Flat hunting is not going as well as hoped

I'm oblivious to how much I weigh. I'm not sure if I ever wish to know.

I got the love tattoo on my wrist for my little sister. It says love. She doesn't even know why, one day I'll explain it all properly to her. Zara I love you x There's a story behind all of my tattoo's except the 'Natalia' one... waste of skin used haha

Nat x

Monday, 23 February 2009


Hi guys. My name's Natalia & I have a problem...
[Hi Natalia]
I'm a facebook addict. [Sits down on chair with rest of circle!] LMAO...

16 exams between May 4th / June 18. Revision is imperative, 100% necessary, must be done.
Facebook was not helping my life. Lack of self control! haha
I spontaneously decided yesterday that I would delete it.

Day one. Cold Turkey.

Dear Facebook,
I'm beginning to miss you. Status update ideas keep coming to me. Hard times.
I logged on to MSN today (a world I left when I fell for your charm), it was alien to me and so I logged back out. The internet seemingly becomes worthless when I'm not social networking. Look what you have done to me.
Thanks for ruining my life,
Nat x

After consideration, I do kinda miss facebook, but grades are more important. I then realised that we are always social networking, it is inevitably an integrated part of everyday life in today's society. I switch on my PS3 and I'm networked. Blackberry pins. Facebook. Myspace. MSN. MSN. Even on this... What a sad reality we roam!

On a lighter note, I have discovered I can get away with almost anything :)

I have also done vast amounts of holiday shopping. I can't wait for June!!! Wooooo

Passport pictures are not made to look nice. They're just made.

Adam and Eve had two sons Cain & Abel. They also had another one called Seth. Apparently. Oh, and Adam passed on secret teachings to Seth before his death. These teachings came to be known as Kaballah.... I was doing some research with the Mr & we found this out. How interesting!!

Misha posted this on facebook before I deleted it...
Its actually funny!!!

Nat x

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Good Morning...

Sometimes you don't have many options, does this make the choice easier?
Sometimes you can have the world at your feet when all you want is your home.
If too many options is difficult to comprehend... Welcome to my world!

If I have too many options, I tend to get irrational and struggle with choice.
Welcome to the real world Nat... Make all your own options.
When I make the wrong one, I can't press back and rectify them, alter them or change my mind.
Live with the consequences. Wake up and smell the coffee, you've made your bed... etc

Here's one example:
1. Uni?
  • Yes (Go to question 2)
  • No (Go to question 3)
2. Which uni to go to?
  • Loughborough
  • Kent
  • Brunel
  • Nottingham
  • Roehampton
  • Wait until clearing and select 'other'
3. What to do with yourself/myself now?
  • Get a 9-5 office job
  • Teaching assistant
  • Be a bum, wasting days away being unemployed & sleeping
  • Turn into a teenage mother (prob. associated with the above)
  • Get other more flexible education
  • Do ANOTHER course at college
  • Have other job for the otherwise uneducated!
A question which initially had two answers, has turned into the million 'dollar/pound/euro' question. This is a question which currently puzzles me and leaves me in a confused, contemplative yet seemingly lost mode.
My morals and upbringing, led me to believe I had no choice and had to go to uni. My grandmother and mother have both been to uni. If I involved my mother, the choice inevitably would not be mine (I wish people would stop attempting to live vicariously through me!!) Its highly likely I will go to uni, I want my offspring to be middle class! This CANNOT happen if both parents are not educated. [ie. I will not be having kids with anyone educated to less than degree level. Snobbish? Really? I far from care]

Anyway... beside that!
I recently realised class A drugs are far more socially acceptable than I initially believed.
This was shocking. I'm still shocked. Eye opener!

I have a new love for vimto sweets! Yum...

Will Smith is the sexiest 'middle aged man' in the world!

Baby bumps are sexy... Lisa ur a stunner!! :)

Loren inspires me greatly. Masks are not to hide who you are, they're to protect you. Like superheroes. X-Men don't wear them though, we probably shouldn't. I love her more than she knows. She's my hero. Second to Obama. Sorry babe!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Flat hunting...

So I've been looking for somewhere new to live...
I have a nice paying job so I can afford the rent!
BUT I'm a student. No one seems to want to rent to students!

I found somewhere I fell head over heels in love with, it was gorgeous!
We got contracts and everything then the landlord found out we were students and requested a £6,000 deposit. RIDICULOUS!!!
So that fell through. Sad times!

I went to look at a few properties today (before & after work!)
I felt so deceived! They looked nothing like their pictures.
One I didn't even go inside the outside was so awful!!
Note to landlords: take realistic pictures please. Thanks

I'm back to looking AGAIN!! I have just found 3 places which are suitable.
One I'm in LOVE with... it has a lovely retro-ish look!!
And two which I wouldn't mind living in.
For 'wouldn't mind living in' do I really want to move out of my mums?
Would I switch to doing everything for myself?

For the one that I would love to live it, it doesn't appear to be an issue.
Ahhh... Many, many thoughts. I'll blog again after I've looked again tomorrow!

PS. I can totally sympathise with people who move out using the council. I'm bored of flat hunting now. If this boredom continues I'm not moving! haha.

OH AS SOON AS I MOVE IN... Someone buy me this as my housewarming gift please...

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Hello There...
I'm new to, they should have a welcome party for me!! lol
I have no reason to make a blog.
I am not an international model, I don't do music or make t-shirts.
Everyone else will claim to be/do one of the above.
I just jumped on the bandwagon.
Loren & Rude Kid have one... So I wanted one too!
I'm also highly opinionated... Facebook wasn't the place to vent.
Maybe this will be better :)

I have a secret love affair with my PS3.
Which is now broken.
Street Fighter 4 is released in 2 days. I will have my copy.
But NO console. KMT
My dargy, homeslice, good friend, ex collegue Talisha [Thai Leisha] came to rescue.
She loves me. I love her dearly also.
I will be playing at her's on the 20th. Good times!
The pic is myself & Talisha. One of our numerous happy occasions!

I have also been told I am not homely.
I tried to work on this. I FAILED. Sorry!
I get agitated at home and feel the need to do something.
I do however now love cooking. Come round for lunch... Maybe!

Parents on FB... It should not be allowed
Warren's mum was telling him about 'migrane skank' LMFAO!!!
If my mum made a fb I'd report it as a fake profile until it got deleted!! haha
My nan however made a fb. She tried to add me today. Shes still in my 'people who want to add you pile' LOL. Sorry nan. I love you and stuff... But you know!!!

I tried to holiday shop today. It seems nowhere sells bikini's ect yet.
Maybe I'll try again soon...

Much Love,
Nat x