Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Hello There...
I'm new to, they should have a welcome party for me!! lol
I have no reason to make a blog.
I am not an international model, I don't do music or make t-shirts.
Everyone else will claim to be/do one of the above.
I just jumped on the bandwagon.
Loren & Rude Kid have one... So I wanted one too!
I'm also highly opinionated... Facebook wasn't the place to vent.
Maybe this will be better :)

I have a secret love affair with my PS3.
Which is now broken.
Street Fighter 4 is released in 2 days. I will have my copy.
But NO console. KMT
My dargy, homeslice, good friend, ex collegue Talisha [Thai Leisha] came to rescue.
She loves me. I love her dearly also.
I will be playing at her's on the 20th. Good times!
The pic is myself & Talisha. One of our numerous happy occasions!

I have also been told I am not homely.
I tried to work on this. I FAILED. Sorry!
I get agitated at home and feel the need to do something.
I do however now love cooking. Come round for lunch... Maybe!

Parents on FB... It should not be allowed
Warren's mum was telling him about 'migrane skank' LMFAO!!!
If my mum made a fb I'd report it as a fake profile until it got deleted!! haha
My nan however made a fb. She tried to add me today. Shes still in my 'people who want to add you pile' LOL. Sorry nan. I love you and stuff... But you know!!!

I tried to holiday shop today. It seems nowhere sells bikini's ect yet.
Maybe I'll try again soon...

Much Love,
Nat x

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  1. My darg,friend,joy,everything!
    Oiieeeeeee you my friend need to get ur ps3 back NOW! im taking fifa back im sorry but the £30 on a football game is driving me mad! REFUND is necessary!!
    I miss you & wish you well