Monday, 23 February 2009


Hi guys. My name's Natalia & I have a problem...
[Hi Natalia]
I'm a facebook addict. [Sits down on chair with rest of circle!] LMAO...

16 exams between May 4th / June 18. Revision is imperative, 100% necessary, must be done.
Facebook was not helping my life. Lack of self control! haha
I spontaneously decided yesterday that I would delete it.

Day one. Cold Turkey.

Dear Facebook,
I'm beginning to miss you. Status update ideas keep coming to me. Hard times.
I logged on to MSN today (a world I left when I fell for your charm), it was alien to me and so I logged back out. The internet seemingly becomes worthless when I'm not social networking. Look what you have done to me.
Thanks for ruining my life,
Nat x

After consideration, I do kinda miss facebook, but grades are more important. I then realised that we are always social networking, it is inevitably an integrated part of everyday life in today's society. I switch on my PS3 and I'm networked. Blackberry pins. Facebook. Myspace. MSN. MSN. Even on this... What a sad reality we roam!

On a lighter note, I have discovered I can get away with almost anything :)

I have also done vast amounts of holiday shopping. I can't wait for June!!! Wooooo

Passport pictures are not made to look nice. They're just made.

Adam and Eve had two sons Cain & Abel. They also had another one called Seth. Apparently. Oh, and Adam passed on secret teachings to Seth before his death. These teachings came to be known as Kaballah.... I was doing some research with the Mr & we found this out. How interesting!!

Misha posted this on facebook before I deleted it...
Its actually funny!!!

Nat x

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