Thursday, 26 February 2009

Uneducated, Unemployed & Living for free

I sit here listening to Keyshia Cole - A different me. Its great. Buy it, download it... whatever! Get hold of it!! After a long-ish day at college, I have a few spare hours before work. I use the term spare loosely; it simply means I can squeeze an hour of revision in and actually have time to eat! Lol

A reoccurring issue for me is scroungers. My pay slip came through the post today. I got taxed over £200 PISSED!! So I go to work and put the work in whilst certain people live off of this tax, some even go raving with MY TAXES... Needless to say I'm far from happy about this. The government need to stop attempting to redistribute money and stop handing it out so freely.

The WORST ones are the young babymothers. KMT
Uneducated, unemployed and raving every weekend as well as every Tuesday & Thursday.
It's weird, about 75% of these under 21 year old babymothers are single.
Sorry. Nobody made you get pregnant did they? NO
You can find someone to watch the baby for you to rave, why not get someone to watch them so you can work. KMT.
Oh, how controversial Nat... Quite frankly I don't care. Really... Yes really
Oh and the next time you wish to talk about 'people like me' remember that people like me pay for your house, that drink you're buying in faces and those heels on your feet.

My views may shock people who know me. Particularly since I come from a lone-parent family, am a passionate sociologist and come from a 'young' mother.
My mum had me at 20. She finished her degree in biomedical sciences and has ALWAYS worked. Do NOT attempt to tell me it can't be done. You're just lazy.

I wish I could apologise for offending anyone, but I can't.
If you are offended by this, there is something inside you that tells you, you relate to this.
In which case, my views are put forth to you. It saddens me to know you believe you are owed something and will happily rave on my taxes.
I have controversial views, you will not all agree. I'm not asking you to. I don't particularly care if you don't.

N.B. Child benefit is meant for the child, although you may not be far from a child yourself, it isn't meant for those little extras you believe you deserve.

Nat x

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  1. Woiiiiiiiiiiiii

    It's true though my mum had me at 19! and has a degree so all you lazy mofos need to get ur rass up n work! It saddens me that i earn more than someone that is twice my age :| and as for young mums on benefit its just ridiculous.

    Natz i love your blogs iSwear! lol xx