Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Believe in change....

Does a leopard ever change it's spots?
If I see the same ladybird today and then again next year will it have another spot?
If I see you next month will you be wearing the same mask you are today?
Will you pretend to be the same person you're pretending to be today?

It is inevitable that change does occur... isn't it?
Well Obama's president... Ermm, there's always a president. [Cough - he's black]... Nah hun, he's mixed race -- a lightie!!!
I can't argue that social attitudes don't change, that has been proven time and time again, but do people change or is personality something innate? Something deeply embedded in a person?
Would you believe a person could change to suit your own longing feeling? To satisfy something inside yourself... When in reality the change you're hoping for will never happen.

Can a hug and a kiss change opinions? Black out the bleak past and open the curtain to a bright, shining future? Would you change for someone you love? OR would the change be to better yourself? OR do you simply place a new mask on when around your loved one to imitate a change that has not and will never happen?

Does compromise count as change? Is it going far enough... Will it ever be enough?

To be on the safe side we should all probably be optimistic for change.
To hope for what may realistically change and be aware that a change isn't always possible.
Hillary Clinton should take note. You will never be president.
I'll keep open minded to change.... More fool me, maybe... Who knows?

Blah... Blah... Blah Nat....

Elsewhere in my world...

I stayed in an expensive hotel - £240 per night. I trashed the place, well sorta. I'll upload pics ASAP. Have a gd laugh haha!

Self imposed raving bans do not work... Rave in moderation

Cold custard is the best...

My love affair with Starbucks is back!!

I have fallen in love. LMAO. Well I've just decided to share this with the world. Well not the world, Loren & Talisha :) and anyone else who decides to read this!!!
I'm sorry girls, I didn't mean to, it just sorta happened!!
Just wish me luck and if it all fails, buy me a malibu & pineapple... [this excludes Talisha - buy me a sambucca and a malibu and coke!!!]

I have a new iPod... Wooo! Not all of my tunes are going on. If you know how to fix this get in touch.

Flat hunting.... I'm still unsuccessfully doing it. I'll put the lottery on later. If I win, I'm buying an apartment in Belgravia. Wish me luck with this also!

X Men Origins - Wolverine. 29th April. I WILL BE THERE. Storm was a cute baby! Awww lol

I should be sleeping, instead I'm craving cheesecake... Off to the kitchen I go!!!

Much Love,
Nat x

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  1. Ah Natalia, you fell!
    I wish you luck more than you know.
    I'll still get you that malibu & pineapple though because my birthday's only 3 weeks round the corner and no doubt you deserve a drink : )

    Lovee you _x
    P.S : X Men <3 Woo!