Saturday, 7 March 2009

Unlimited controversial views....

Simply because today I'm in a rush somewhat I'll attempt to leave the thought provoking questions out & get straight to the point.

FACEBOOK HAHAHAHHAHAHA.... Why did I ever attempt to leave?

I completely understand that not every relationship can work.
Sometimes there are irreconcilable circumstances....
Where there's a baby involved, it becomes less about what you want and ONLY about what's best for your baby...
Well in the real world. I suppose in some distant facebook reality, it's simply about what looks good online.

Here's something I stumbled across little more than 5 minutes ago:
'My baby said daddy & I told her it was a naughty word'

I was stunned into silence momentarily... WOW
Jaw dropping. I'm actually still shocked... Ermm Nat its 09, that's nothing but yeah that's a bit mad!!
YOU F**KING SELFISH COW. Maybe mummy doesn't need daddy but your baby does.

If this is what the world has become... I knew it was a sad, bad place but I was shocked. Maybe I live life wearing rose coloured glasses, oblivious to the negative aspects of life... who knows. That to me is too much. Nat it's not your business, why do you care? No, no, no... these are the kids that are going to be the 'older ones' (when I in the distant future have kids) in my children's schools, environment etc... No no no. It's not cool.

  • Not much at all... Friday raving is DEAD
  • Mile end Nando's is slightly impressive
  • White choco dips are WOW. Get involved. 49p at a shop near you!!
  • I'm putting myself on a £40 a week budget. Wish me luck :)
  • Some people go raving just to take pictures. Less of the camera and more raving please. Constant camera flashes whilst attempting to enjoy myself is rather off putting. Thanks

[A deeply saddened] Nat x

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