Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sign of a true friend...

Quick blog again... Getting lazy!!

I got a txt today which said
'If I ever met your man I'd tell him he was blessed with a beautiful, intellectual girlfriend who is destined for greater things than even she could imagine. I hope he knows how lucky he really is.'

Dear friend,
Thankyou, I know you read this. Your text meant more to me than you initially pictured.
You know sometimes I'm insecure, that I doubt myself. That sometimes I need to be reassured that I'm good enough and that I'll put on a mask and pretend, even to you that everything's okay and that I'm as confident as others believe.
I doubt you will ever meet the Mr. Highly doubt it but the next time I see you I'll buy you a frap whilst we discuss my ever changing plans for the future. Thankyou for having an ever lasting belief in my capability.
Hopefully I'll make you proud.
Nat x

You are an angel, truly heaven sent. I'd be lost without you.
Love you xxx

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