Thursday, 5 March 2009

NO MEANS NO... Now Piss Off

Is there a bleak side to excitement?
The harmonious thunder of a calm day... Get it?
The shadow cast as the sun lay in its mid day pose... Straight down the middle and beams directly over head.... [for those who are unaware, mid day is the only time the sun creates NO shadow!]

Sometimes there is no answer to a question, sometimes the answer is evident. Some hide from the truth, to protect themselves or to fool themselves into a reality which never existed.
GUYS... Why will you never take no for an answer?
Do not be persistent. I hate that, it doesn't prove how much you care. Its just annoying. Do not run me down. The boyfriend vacancy is filled. How can I help you? I can't

I don't fancy a sideline guy, I have enough friends, I don't wanna come to your rave or model for your clothing line/be in your video.
No I won't add you on my PlayStation, you can't txt me details of upcoming events and I don't need a lift home.
I'm fine without your discount, I don't care who you know & no I'm not coming to the after party in your hotel. PS. Its not your hotel, its a room you rented out. Along with your car LMFAO
No, I don't know who you are... I don't particularly care. I don't care what car you drive, get in it and drive off. I don't want you to buy me a drink, I can buy my own. How about I buy you one and then you piss off?
If you really wish to buy me one. I'm drinking Dom Perignon Rose. Still wanna buy one? LOL

These are a few of the awful lines I've heard. Guys stop saying 'I just wanna be your friend'
Ermm. No you don't, be real. I'd respect that more.
'I'm not talking to your man; I'm talking to you' <- No you're not. Bye...
Do not follow me down the street either. Stalker.
Taking girls numbers on the side of the road makes you look desperate and like you have no home. Go to flex. There's 'too many' girls in there.

Rant finished, about time!!

The International is awful. Don't even buy it off the Chinese guy/woman.

I'm eagerly anticipating X Men Origins: Wolverine...

Tina Turner is 69... That's how you stack! 50 years in the industry. Lifetime achievement award is due...

Chris Brown & Rihanna got married in P Diddy's mansion. PARRR. She needs to let him know she wants a proper wedding.

I hate people who walk slow/carry those trolley suitcases on London Underground pre 9 am. If this is you, please, please STOP. Thanks...

I worked out my iPod issue. Next job: Apple engineer, I think....

Poppadom's - Brick Lane. EAT THERE :) It's actually really nice! Very impressive I must say!
I was there last night with the Mr and the food was gorgeous... Definitely a recommended place!!! Get involved!

Nat x

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