Thursday, 19 March 2009

It's my life...

Miss James: Stubborn

I set realistic goals and limits a few days ago.
There is only so much I will take before I give up.
I'm only human.
If you make me a promise & break it. I'll forgive you.
I'll never forget. I'll never take another one seriously.
Eventually, I'll do exactly what I like, regardless of who likes it.
I never degrade or disrespect myself, so doing what I like doesn't affect my integrity.
I will cut my nose of to spite my face. I will not end up broken. I'll glue the pieces back together.

'Don't say you will, unless you will' 'If you hurt me then I'll have to hurt you'

Miss James: Loyal

Once I have love for someone, I'm there.
If you once had millions and are now borrowing. I'll open my purse to you.
If once you were always smiling and are now in tears. I'll give you my shoulder.
If you once owned six houses and are now homeless. I'd give you my bed.
I don't expect the same back from everyone. I'm realistic.

Miss James: Realist

Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is longer than life.
Love eventually will hurt.
People will let you down. The people will be the ones you cared for most.
Nothing will hurt more than losing your number one. It will happen.
Bad hair days are inevitable.
You can't always feel pretty.
You will get with a guy/girl who's ex is better looking than you.
If he makes you feel insecure it will NEVER last; or it will and you'll be left a broken person.
The person you least expect to be the one, will provide eternal happiness.
Dreams are a fragment of our imagination. 98% of them will not come true.
I don't care for dreams because I live in reality, I'm not optimistic. I state my future.
People will doubt you, show them your ability.

People never get the flowers when they can still smell them.

Love Nat x

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