Wednesday, 25 March 2009

What a way to wake up!!

Sometimes I see things that make me emotional...
Whether that emotion be positive or negative, its an emotion nonetheless.
Having fallen asleep at about 11 last night with facebook on, I woke up to an indirect.
Initially, I was vex. STUPID TRAMP!!!
Then it made me laugh. These girls throwing their toys out of their prams!

Over the years, females have recieved more equality, rights etc
Yet still some want to live as if it was still the 40's... Women CAN work now.
Go get a job you lazy cows. Having a baby is no excuse.
You find someone to watch your kids so you can rave.
So unemployed women; I urge you all.
Call upon your babyfathers [LMFAO], your parents, your current 'boyfriends', or whoever
But please, please, please stop wasting my taxes in raves.

Take Note: Indirecting me when you are not only a waste of oxygen but are far from a looker is not in your best interests. The same female that indirected me, was my inspiration for 'unlimited controversial views' (Click older posts). Haha


  • I have realised will eventually bankrupt me... I need to block it on my web browser, if you know how. Let me know!!
  • Budgeting at £40 a week was disasterous. Maybe next week...

On that note I'm off to get ready...
Much love
Nat x

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