Thursday, 19 February 2009

Flat hunting...

So I've been looking for somewhere new to live...
I have a nice paying job so I can afford the rent!
BUT I'm a student. No one seems to want to rent to students!

I found somewhere I fell head over heels in love with, it was gorgeous!
We got contracts and everything then the landlord found out we were students and requested a £6,000 deposit. RIDICULOUS!!!
So that fell through. Sad times!

I went to look at a few properties today (before & after work!)
I felt so deceived! They looked nothing like their pictures.
One I didn't even go inside the outside was so awful!!
Note to landlords: take realistic pictures please. Thanks

I'm back to looking AGAIN!! I have just found 3 places which are suitable.
One I'm in LOVE with... it has a lovely retro-ish look!!
And two which I wouldn't mind living in.
For 'wouldn't mind living in' do I really want to move out of my mums?
Would I switch to doing everything for myself?

For the one that I would love to live it, it doesn't appear to be an issue.
Ahhh... Many, many thoughts. I'll blog again after I've looked again tomorrow!

PS. I can totally sympathise with people who move out using the council. I'm bored of flat hunting now. If this boredom continues I'm not moving! haha.

OH AS SOON AS I MOVE IN... Someone buy me this as my housewarming gift please...

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