Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The penultimate one...

Penultimate: one before final.

So therefore, a penultimate relationship is the ex.
Are ex's ever really left in the dark?
Or are they reminders of what we once had?
Do they simply act as comparison charts for what we now have?
Is it best to leave them in the dark?

Ex's can often complicate new relationships, trigger insecurities in your new partner or they can also act as amazing friends. Who knows you better than a person you spent years with?
If you once loved someone, do those feelings simply fade into a meaningless past, or are they put to the side until you find someone new to love?
To hate someone, you must have loved them at one point. Someone you have never loved does not have the power to trigger hate in a person.

'I love you' Arguably the most powerful words in English language.
I hate you: certainly the most hurtful.
Why is it that the line between love and hate is so fine.
Both strong emotions, deeply personal etc.

What is love?
Its different, it changes, it holds no barriers, is forgiving, knows of no wrong, is patient, is kind etc...
Basically love is putting yourself at the mercy of another, to make yourself vulnerable to another being who could crush you as if you were a small ant, and they the boot of an army commander.
So what's so great about it?
Its easy to get into (per se) and harder to overcome than a drug addiction.
Not much. It can be short lived then you aren't smiling are you?


Cold turkey is over. I'm back on facebook. I know you missed me!! I lasted 2.5 days lol

Flat hunting is not going as well as hoped

I'm oblivious to how much I weigh. I'm not sure if I ever wish to know.

I got the love tattoo on my wrist for my little sister. It says love. She doesn't even know why, one day I'll explain it all properly to her. Zara I love you x There's a story behind all of my tattoo's except the 'Natalia' one... waste of skin used haha

Nat x

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