Sunday, 22 February 2009

Good Morning...

Sometimes you don't have many options, does this make the choice easier?
Sometimes you can have the world at your feet when all you want is your home.
If too many options is difficult to comprehend... Welcome to my world!

If I have too many options, I tend to get irrational and struggle with choice.
Welcome to the real world Nat... Make all your own options.
When I make the wrong one, I can't press back and rectify them, alter them or change my mind.
Live with the consequences. Wake up and smell the coffee, you've made your bed... etc

Here's one example:
1. Uni?
  • Yes (Go to question 2)
  • No (Go to question 3)
2. Which uni to go to?
  • Loughborough
  • Kent
  • Brunel
  • Nottingham
  • Roehampton
  • Wait until clearing and select 'other'
3. What to do with yourself/myself now?
  • Get a 9-5 office job
  • Teaching assistant
  • Be a bum, wasting days away being unemployed & sleeping
  • Turn into a teenage mother (prob. associated with the above)
  • Get other more flexible education
  • Do ANOTHER course at college
  • Have other job for the otherwise uneducated!
A question which initially had two answers, has turned into the million 'dollar/pound/euro' question. This is a question which currently puzzles me and leaves me in a confused, contemplative yet seemingly lost mode.
My morals and upbringing, led me to believe I had no choice and had to go to uni. My grandmother and mother have both been to uni. If I involved my mother, the choice inevitably would not be mine (I wish people would stop attempting to live vicariously through me!!) Its highly likely I will go to uni, I want my offspring to be middle class! This CANNOT happen if both parents are not educated. [ie. I will not be having kids with anyone educated to less than degree level. Snobbish? Really? I far from care]

Anyway... beside that!
I recently realised class A drugs are far more socially acceptable than I initially believed.
This was shocking. I'm still shocked. Eye opener!

I have a new love for vimto sweets! Yum...

Will Smith is the sexiest 'middle aged man' in the world!

Baby bumps are sexy... Lisa ur a stunner!! :)

Loren inspires me greatly. Masks are not to hide who you are, they're to protect you. Like superheroes. X-Men don't wear them though, we probably shouldn't. I love her more than she knows. She's my hero. Second to Obama. Sorry babe!

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