Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Good evening/night...
So here I am, sitting in my mum's front room. Glass of Pimms & lemonade, just finished Nandos, watching I think I love my wife.

Sometimes we ask questions we don't really want to know the answer to. So why do it?
It is that we actually feel we need to know? Pride? or that curiosity will flip us over and land a hard kick to our backs if we don't? Who knows..

I spoke to my girl Nat earlier and decided NOTHING is more powerful than a woman's intuition. Not a single thing in this world.
Usually when a woman decides something, she is right. She'll either turn detective on you and go deep with the MI5 ishh or she'll get up and leave.
How she reacts determines his next action. Hence the power held by the intuition of women.

For the women who notice something but stay Tamia knows exactly where you're coming from and men; when she stops crying, stops arguing. She has well & truly given up.

Love Nat x

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