Wednesday, 2 September 2009


You made your decision. You took the easy way out.

Your voice is one the child will never recognise. Your face a distant memory that your child can't quite put a name to. Thinking: no. Ermm. Oh. When it does remember it won't be daddy, it'll just be him. Your hugs - it never felt, your kiss was non existent.

Mum read all those books to me, I don't remember you tucking me in. Mum taught me how to ride my bike. Isn't that a dad's job? Sports day - you weren't there. I looked, I searched wishing you were there. My friend's dad's were.

Granddad had the talks with me you should have had. Uncle played football with me. I'm grown now - I wish I needed you. Time has passed and I'm used to life without you.
Take care

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