Thursday, 23 April 2009

Day 2: Contemplative...

Thinking, maybe it shouldn't always be done. Some things should be suppressed into the unconscious and forgotten about for all eternity. Others need precise thinking. How do you know which one is required? I suppose you never know, trial and error... Either it works for you or you're not a happy bunny!!

Never Live In Regret
Regret Was Solely Made For Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Was Made For Change
The Key To Change Is Knowing What Needs To Be Achieved
If You Want Answers You Need To Ask Questions
If You Want Results You Need To Take Action

YTL 26.10.08

Thought provoking, think literally - a stream of consciousness - decide your own interpretation.

It's funny how when you least try to think of someone, something will trigger a memory of them... Mad stuff. I need a holiday. Sun, sea, cocktails & bikini's. Bikini's & tans :)

I start at Scala tomorrow. Wish me luck!!
Nat x

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