Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Click your life away...

Hey world.. Well London & whoever else happens to stumble across this...

I am a Londoner. I was not born here but I was raised here. I have a London mentality and struggle to leave the polluted London air for more than a week. Would I be able to cope living away from London for a prolonged period in order to gain deferred gratifiation? If the end justified the means could I move?

Why when I struggle with something here do I look to leave London? Maybe the busy life gets a bit much and I would like to live life at a slower pace. I chose to stay at a London uni to maintain my life as it is, wanting to remain a constant. Can you make decisions based around others? Would success be as satisfying or would you feel like there was something you lacked?

One decision could be the basis for the entirity of your future. The click of one button, on one website persoinified as your entire future. The people you'll meet, the job you'll get, the neighbourhood you'll live in etc... It's a crazy reality.

Love, Live, Life, Proceed, Progress. Do the best you can I suppose, carpe diem & all of that lol... Nat x

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