Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Could you ?

To place the mercy of one's life in the hands of another, how ethical can that be? Can it ever be jusified to permit one human to play God with the life of another? One decision, one word, one signiture. All made in a split second will decide the future of two - the entirity of the rest of their lives. Can you ever have given it enough thought, contemplated enough? Maybe one second longer would have resulted in a alternative decision. Could you make the right choice? Would you ever be able to forgive yourself?

What if the decision was based on the opinion of another or a conscience that would never belong to you? Could you still have unrelented faith in the decision you had made or would you realise the deicison was never really yours?

Could you enable someone to permit you to take the life of another? Remember only you give the go-ahead. The consequencey will inevitably be faced by you even if the decision wasn't solely made there.
Only you can decide your future, any mistake you make will be reciprocated upon yourself. Karma.

When noone is by your side, your corner is empty and the world places it's troubles upon your burdened shoulders, the faith you have in yourself is unmistakable, unbreakable and irreplacable.
Make your decision. Yours

Love Nat xx

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